About Us

Life After School is a platform aimed towards inculcating further skills and strategies to charge the I-CAN Spirit in the graduating students,youth,and encourage them to live a purpose driven life as regards wealth creation, employment opportunities, human capacity development, entrepreneurship and necessary skills to survive in the outside world.

The platform is in 3 fold:CAREER, FINANCE, ENTERTAINMENT


 The career is based on two subsections

– How to make Up a Résumé & How to respond to interview questions.

– War against Discrimination.

To summarize this, 80% of recent graduates don’t know how to write a presentable Resume and attend to interview questions. That’s why they can’t find a good job in a reputable organization after they own the best grade (certificate). In as much as there is a BSC/HND Dichotomy, we have HND graduates making it in their respective fields of studies. That’s why we need Speakers who had graduated with HND and they have been able to go through the DISCRIMINATION and are doing well in their respective field of studies.


Digital Marketing, Financial Independency

This section is mainly for those who had erased their minds off using their certificates after school and are ready to be employer of Labor. There should be a difference between a graduate selling or making a products and One who didn’t go through School making huge amounts than a graduate.

We are in a Digital world where products are placed online and advertised in the comfort of the seller. This would also give opportunities to students who have great business ideas- there could be financial assistance from reputable organizations.


 In this generation, entertainers no longer believe in Education. Research reveals that most school dropouts are upcoming artiste who believes their stardom lies in singing or Acting alone. With LAS, we would be able to identify these flaws in Entertainment industries and make necessary amendments by charging upcoming student artiste who is blindfolded with the so-called stardom that having a degree also qualifies one to become a successful artiste.